Tim Hurley, R.E. Salesperson

Moving to the Hudson Valley in 1992, I wasn't sure if this weekend getaway was a place I could live and call "home". It took no time before I was at home with all the great amenities this area had to offer. I was most impressed with the outlook and diversity of the local community, and I made a lot of great friends right away. After living here for ten years, the search for my "dream home" began. Buying a first home could have been a complicated process if not for the fact that I had found an agent, who carefully guided me through the process, clearly explaining everything along the way. The help my agent offered made buying a home one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! I was inspired to become that kind of agent - so, that's is the kind of agent I am. I became a real estate agent because I like being the person who shares the exciting experience of finding people their place in the Hudson Valley. I travel a lot and when I come home, I always realize how special the Hudson Valley is. When I meet people who visit the area, I am very proud to let them know I am a "local". Often as the weekend approaches and we start to plan where to travel to, we decide to stay right here at our house on the Hudson. Living here is the vacation.

I have worked in local radio and entertainment for many years now. I have spent a lot of time in Central and South America, and love to travel. Every year I march and compete in Rio’s Carnaval with the Vila Isabel samba school, (including when we won in 2006). I also love Thoroughbred Racing horse racing, and in August you can usually find me in Saratoga for "the best six weeks of summer".

I am the writer and creator of, “The Lady Esther Gin”. Esther is the “queen of the Catskills” and has performed all over the world with her lounge comedy cabaret nightclub act. Esther created "The Hudson Valley of the Dolls" performance group, and has performed with the group, The B-52’s as their dancer. Esther introduced the band at San Francisco’s gay pride festival in 2001.

I specialize in listing Hudson River front properties (I live in a historic river home so I know the territory), Catskill weekend getaway second homes, and historic homes in Kingston, and in matching buyers with their best choices in the area

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